The 1930s

The decade began with classes taught in rented office space in noisy downtown Brooklyn.  By the end of the decade students, faculty, and administrators settled into a beautiful Georgian-style campus in the heart of the borough, with a new President taking the helm.  Brooklyn College’s first decade formed the character of the college and laid the foundation for future growth, challenges, and conflicts, as well as a tradition of academic excellence.

Crowded Brooklyn Streets

Crowded Brooklyn streets surrounding the Downtown Campus (circa 1930). Note the long since demolished Fulton Street el. (Brooklyn College Archives Photo Collection).

The Fight for a Public College in Brooklyn

The City and Hunter Branches

It’s Official: Brooklyn College is born!

Early Yearbooks as a Lens into Student Life

The First Commencement

The Search for a Campus

List of Sites Considered by the BHE

The Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Cornerstone Ceremony

Campus Sketches: The Art of Anthony Pugliese

Future 1930s Installments:


Student Activism

Student Press

Early Faculty and Administrators

Presidential Bookends: Boylan and Gideonse

The Dies Committee

Brooklyn College in the Spanish Civil War

Oral Histories

The school colors: a philosophical decision or a closeout sale?

The Alma Mater and its ties to Socialism

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